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Location:  Bridle Iron Ranch

Travel Dates: October 8 and 12, 2020

Course dates: October 9-11, 2020


Please submit information in text field below or submit completed form to BallistiCraft@gmail.com




Phone Number:  


Pistol with light:  

Belt Size:  

Helicopter Hunt (Yes or No):  


Required gear for the course:

  • Rifle should be 223 or 5.56 and have a sling and flashlight
  • Pistol should be 9mm with a light
  • A minimum of 4 magazines per weapon
  • PPE (eye protection clear and sunglasses, ear protection, shooting gloves and ball cap). You may consider knee pads if you have trouble getting up and down on gravel
  • A small backpack to carry ammo and snacks
  • A headlamp or a separate small flashlight

Flight information:

Participant will be responsible for arranging their own transportation to and from Corpus Christi International Airport (CRP).  Arrival windows have been set to allow for transportation to the training site.  Group 1 is to arrive at CRP between 1130 and 1400 and will arrive at BRI at approximately 1530.  Group 2 is to arrive at CRP between 1530 and 1800 and will arrive at BRI at approximately 1915.


All ammunition will be provided for the ranges and hunts.  We will be using FMJ 55grain for the range and a quality round for the hunts.  The pistol ammunition will be 9mm ball.  Round Count: 2000 rifle/1000 pistol

Course Cost:

There is a base course fee ($3760) with additional options to participate in an aerial hog hunt and to purchase or rent a thermal optic (participant responsible for rental cost/shipping in addition to base fee).  This is dependent upon each shooter’s needs.  There is a minimum of four flight hours for the helicopter use at $750.00 per shooter in addition to the base cost (total base cost with flight $4510).  A minimum of eight participants is required to purchase flight time for the use of the helicopter.  If you would like more time let me know, so I can get a total hour count for the pilot.  An individualize bill for each shooter based on their needs will be provided for the course.  Please email your thermal optic and helicopter time request as soon as possible to ensure availability at admin@ballisticraft.com

Other Gear:

Most gear is available for purchase at BallistiCraft.com.  If there is a desired item not available on our website, please let us know and we can assist you in purchasing the item directly through us or can recommend a place where the item can be purchased.

Belt Information:

This is the correct fit guide for the belt you will receive for the course.  Please note, you must follow the instructions below to ensure proper fit.  The belts are custom made by the manufacturer (stormridergear.com).  Use the guide below, which has been copied directly from their page.  For the course, the system will include the belt, 2 pistol pouches, 1 rifle pouch, 1 dump pouch, 1 medical pouch and a holster for your pistol you noted above.


  1. To ensure you get the best fit out of your Stormrider Gear, you will first need to wear the clothes you intend to wear with your new belt (i.e  not a snow suit or spandex pants, unless of course thats what you intend to wear).
  2. Using a sewing tape, measure your waist line over your pants where your belt normally sits (in inches). If you do not have a sewing tape measure, use a piece of string and measure that with a ruler or a retractable tape measure.  If your measurement falls in between whole numbers, choose the next number up.
  3. Use this measurement number when selecting your belt's, "Size"(inches).  This number should be used for ALL of our belts.
  4. Our belts are tailored to YOU, to give YOU the best fit.  No need to worry about being at the top end (not enough length) or bottom end (too much material) of a pre-made sized belt.   

How our design works: 

Based off of your true measurement we add eight inches to the belt (Warlords/Underlords/EDC).  Four inches are required for the velcro to hold securely and the extra four inches are to allow the belt to extend out.  We add 10 inches to Overlords due to them attaching over an under belt.   All belts will extend out four inches and at least tighten four inches.  

DO NOT have a belt or holster on when measuring.

DO NOT use your pant size, your belt will not fit properly.