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BallistiCraft, Inc. was initially formed to provide quality training to civilians, military, and law enforcement entities across the nation.  We strive to provide the best instruction using the newest technology and knowledge found in the shooting industry to date.  Our expertise has been sought out by leading industry manufacturers, SWAT teams, Special Operations units, and competitive shooters.  We are expanding our brand to include advising for photo, commercial and the motion picture industry, providing consultation on equipment, tactics, and communication to enhance products for the firearms, hunting and competition industry.

What we provide:
-Precision Marksmanship instruction
-Expertise for tactical training (scenario based)
-Training in Confined Space marksmanship
-Everyday carry pistol/rifle instruction
-Defensive Rifle/Pistol
-Program Development with curriculum and lesson plan validation
-Model and Actor/Actress weapon handling/gear advisement
-Product and production branding for tactical and marksmanship authenticity

Please feel free to contact us for customized pricing and training experiences.